Wendy Z.

 I  highly recommend Neil and his team at Saratoga Senior Move Managers. His  positive attitude, encouragement and excellent customer service helped  make the process of readying my parents home for the real estate market a  much less stressful experience.  He and his team did a wonderful job staging the home and I'm confident the presentation aided in the quick sale. Thanks Neil. 

Jamie H.

  After my Mom’s passing I was left with a house busting at the seams with clutter and decades of possessions and memories.
Living 3,000 miles away I was totally overwhelmed with the job at hand.  Neil was recommended to me by The Junk King, and boy am I glad he was.
Neil took care of everything. He knew far better how to handle things  than I could have ever imagined. He is trustworthy, responsible,  professional, great to work with and just on it.
Even if I had taken the months and constant travel and hassle that would  have been required to deal with it, I still wouldn't have done as good  or complete a job as Neil did.
Not only that, but he made me money and saved me money simultaneously.  Not to mention his staging skills which I have no doubt increased what  we were offered for the house.  I couldn’t have done it without him. He  was a lifesaver. I can not recommend him highly enough. 

Perry B.

 After  51 years of marriage and 15 moves this last one was to be the dreaded  "straw that broke the camel's back!"  We bought a home in Florida and  had to unburden ourselves from almost all our possessions in New York.  Neil at "Saratoga Senior Move Managers" to the rescue.  Yes, just like  the cavalry in the old West,  Neil came to our aid.  At the first  meeting he allayed our fears regarding organization, moving, "estate"  sale, tax implications of any donations we chose to make and most of all  for our 70 year plus bodies' limited physical capacity. My wife was  very skeptical before that meeting but  Neil changed all that.  He was  knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive and fun to work with.  Who  knew?  The sale day came and was a total success.  We have recommended  Neil's organization to to many of our friends who are similarly  situated.  We couldn't be happier.  Bravo Neil!!!  

Beth and David E.

 The  team arrived with a "can do!" attitude which encouraged our family to  dig in, roll up our sleeves and conquer our lifetime of  collecting...everything. Neil organized, pruned and edited our bountiful  supply of belongings and we are proudly enjoying the restored beauty of  our home once more. We can actually see it without all our " stuff"  blocking the view. My husband has reclaimed his lost workshop and I have  established a great workspace from which to run headquarters.   Liberating our barns from their share of "collections" has given us the  courage to start planning for our daughter's wedding here on our farm.  The now empty and clean barns will serve a new roll and find new  purposes at this old place. They are integral components in our  daughter's celebration and will stand ready for future generations  enjoyment.

We owe this transformation to Neil and his wonderful team. Their  encouraging, energetic and positive attitudes sustained us when we felt  like giving up and helped to power us through to our paradise...found.

With deepest thanks. 

Eugenie O.

  Neil  helped our family clean out and stage an enormous house that contained  three generations' worth of items. His commitment to the job and the  level of organization he brought to the task meant that we didn't need  to worry and took the pressure off stressed-out family members.
He  did everything, including sorting, cleaning, and organizing the items in  the house; planning and running the estate sale; and staging the home  for sale. Neil kept us in the loop when necessary and worked quietly but  efficiently behind the scenes the rest of the time. He also worked with  an eye for where we could save money during the process, which was much  appreciated.