Mary Ann & Lou G.


Good Morning Neil!

Know we said ‘thank you’ verbally but I wanted to say more.

What seemed to be an impossible task you made possible.  Your attention to every detail from downsizing, sorting, helping to make decisions, meeting with movers and so much more made it all come together.  Don’t know how you do it.  Every time I would think about what needed to be done I didn’t see how it would be accomplished. You would arrive and things would start to fall in place.  

What was even more amazing was what we saw when we arrived at our new apartment.   All the furniture was in place, everything was unpacked and in place.  My china cabinet was set up, my bird collection was in the curio cabinet, pictures were hung and photographs placed.  I can’t put into words exactly how we felt .  It was just like coming home – warm & comforting.

We know we made the right decision when we hired you to handle our move and would be happy to be a reference.  We really appreciate all you did.  Thank you again.

Lois S.


Dear Neil:

I didn’t think it was possible but you made the impossible happen!  I was preparing to sell our family residence of over sixty years and I was feeling helpless, not having any idea how I was going to implement the move.  The plan was to relocate to a retirement community, but being totally blind with a guide dog made the challenge even greater. On a Sunday morning, even though my computer skills are lacking, I magically stumbled upon you and your website. I phoned you and you filled me in on the details of your services. Being a “doubting Thomas”, I couldn’t believe my ears, but you came to meet me without hesitation!  This was the first step of a successful journey. 

Once I began working with you, there was no doubt in my mind that you were the right choice for the job. You were organized, detailed, patient in your verbal presentation, and  showed an unusual thoughtfulness in making things easier for a  blind person. In my mind, sorting through and downsizing three generations of family treasures in a timely manner was a task that seemed incomprehensible to accomplish. 

Next, you arrived with the moving company and made sure that piece of the process would be done properly. You then met the movers at the new residence, and took on the task of organizing and setting up my new home, paying attention to details which were extremely important to me.

Since I’ve not been present since that time, you sent photos which have been shown to family and friends. All comments are enthusiastic and extremely positive. You have created a warm, comfortable and welcoming home for my guide dog and me.

This is a happy way to begin our new life and I am compelled to unequivocally recommend you! My gratitude knows no bounds.

Thank you Neil! 

Judi P.


 Hi Neil,

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did regarding my Dad's move to Home of the Good Shepherd.  We couldn't have done it without you.  We were just amazed at the transformation of Dad's room once all of his belongings were in place.  The pictures on the wall were exactly what I had in mind.  You captured a bit of my Mom's decorating sense with the groupings of pictures and that meant the world to us.  Even Dad was noticing things and I could tell he was very pleased.

You made the whole move stress free for us since you were able to take care of items we didn't want to have to deal with.  That alone was worth every penny to me!!!  Plus the fact we went out to lunch and in a mere hour or hour and a half you made Dad's room the most welcoming space we could ask for was just amazing.

I can't thank you enough for everything and I will be sure to let people know of your services.

Arlene & David S.


The biggest challenge we ever had in our 34 years as homeowners was leaving home.

Your professional expertise and optimistic “can do” approach to meeting this challenge made our move a success.

From your first visit to assess our situation to your final goodbye when you presented us with an empty and clean home as well as a healthy check from the sale you organized and managed, you really carried the burden.

Throughout the four months we worked together you always kept in touch and provided the necessary guidance to help us tackle the task at hand with assurances that you "had our back.”

Thank you Neil and Saratoga Senior Move Managers.  We recommend you without hesitation.

Eugenie O.


  Neil  helped our family clean out and stage an enormous house that contained  three generations' worth of items. His commitment to the job and the  level of organization he brought to the task meant that we didn't need  to worry and took the pressure off stressed-out family members.
He  did everything, including sorting, cleaning, and organizing the items in  the house; planning and running the estate sale; and staging the home  for sale. Neil kept us in the loop when necessary and worked quietly but  efficiently behind the scenes the rest of the time. He also worked with  an eye for where we could save money during the process, which was much  appreciated.   

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